Friday, May 21, 2010

Carbon Fiber Forks

When it comes to carbon fiber forks, you have to admit, there are few topics that are more hotly debated in the world of the utilitarian bicycle. Note the clear distinction that I'm trying to draw there between practical bicycles (like ours) and those that are designed to simply go fast. For your average exotic metal or carbon road bike, there's no question, a carbon fiber fork provides the most forgiving ride and weighs less than any alternative. But for a bike that has to hold up to the beating that everyday use in the modern world dishes out, a durable steel fork, even with it's added weight and stiffer feel, can prove to be the more worthy investment. This past decade, however, has seen carbon forks become more durable through design innovations, and subsequently, more common on bikes of all kinds.
This increase in the popularity of carbon forks hasn't been completely without it's set backs. Many of you have probably seen the recalls that some major and up-and-coming bike companies have had to issue recently. It is no doubt issues like these that come to mind when the most skeptical cyclists contemplate the move to the, admittedly, more efficient design and material. After all, a carbon fork, even one that takes an occasional bump or chip, should be able to provide many years of effective service without putting the users health at risk. That concept is something that we here at Easy Racers kept at the forefront of our minds as we worked on the design of our carbon fork.
Tested to withstand weights in excess of 500 lbs., our carbon fiber fork is nearly as strong as our steel fork. It is because we're so confident in the design on this product that we never hesitate to recommend it to a touring or commuting rider. The ride quality is also outstanding. A carbon fiber fork greatly reduces the road vibrations transferred to the rider and thus, fatigues the hands, wrists, arms, and upper body much slower. Weighing in at just 270 grams, we know that everyone who gives this design a try will fall head-over-heels for it. That's why we're offering it for the greatly reduced price of just $295 this month.

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  1. Yes really things from Carbon Fibers looks attractive and also they are more durable. also fibers can be designed in different shapes.