Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chris' Gold Rush: Part I

This is going to be a really beautiful bike when Chris up in Canada finally takes it for its first ride around the block. It's nothing terribly out of the ordinary in terms of its basic components but the rims are what's really going to set it apart.
I saw Jordan Hufnagel had polished a set of H Plus Son rims for a track bike he displayed at the 2009 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS); obviously, I found them stunning. I kept thinking about them, knowing that someday we'd have to try something similar on a deep rim like that for one of our custom builds (or maybe even a demo bike). Chis was insistant on polished rims for his Gold Rush but I didn't know how flashy he was going to be willing to let us go until we started talking about the pin striping he had planned for his Gold Rush and... you know, other Hot Rod stuff. A polished Velocity Deep V rim in the rear (paired with a polished Velocity Fusion rim in the front) was definitely going to appeal to his sense of style.

It's missing a few things right now but we'll take a few more shots before we pack it up. Chris is also going to send us some pictures when the pin striping is done so look for that in the near future. The rack is a Tubus Cargo, there are some Velo Orange stainless steel cages and bottles that will eventually be put on the bike as well.