Wednesday, June 23, 2010

John's Ti-Rush Testimonial

We just received this letter from our customer, John, who bought a Ti-Rush from us in March. We love to get testimonials from our riders that reinforce the things we say about our bike regularly. After all, we're not just making things up! Here is what John has to say about his riding experience so far:

Where to start? As you already know I love the Ti-Rush, it is easily the best bike I have ever owned. From the first time I sat on it and rode it around the neighborhood near your factory, I knew this is one GREAT RIDE. After I got it home and started to tweak it to my measurements, it got even better. You and I have talked on the phone to try to figure out why this bike is so wonderful and even though we came up with some answers, I’m not sure we have the final answer. So, I’ve decided to leave it as the “perfect storm”. Looks as though everything that we chose to do worked and even better than we hoped. Or maybe it’s just good Karma. Who knows?

Some things I do know:

-The ride quality is superb. I think titanium is the best frame material by far (I have ridden on carbon fiber, steel, and 25,000 miles or so on my aluminum Gold Rush).

-The power transference from me to the pedals is phenomenal. There is no lag or loss in the frame, just pedal harder and the bike goes faster, NOW. It is also easier to maintain speed. Also, when I’m just riding and enjoying the ride, I’m going faster, same pedal pressure as on other bikes, just faster. [You] write on your website that you estimate 5% better power transference, for me (a 65 year old) it is at least 12%, and maybe as much as 15%.

-When I ride with my regular buddies they remark that I’m going much faster. Truthfully, I’m trying to throttle the bike back!

-The new [Sprinter] seat is wonderful! It took a while for me to get the distance from the pedals and seat angle perfect, but once I did, the comfort increased and riding enjoyment went to new levels. The lengths of my rides have increased and I find myself looking for ways to add just a few more miles to the ride. And, I cannot wait to get back on this bike!

-This is a beautiful bike. The finish is beautiful. Many people have commented on the construction quality. Roberto is an artist as a welder. It is a joy to own and use such a fabulous machine.

-The idea of using the bigger tubing was brilliant. They added to the frame stiffness and allowed us to use the S and S couplers.

Ah, the S and S couplers. We chose them so that my wife and I could travel and take the bike with us. Even though it added to the weight (and the cost) they were well worth it. I think it added to the stiffness and power transference, on top of the travel considerations.

The other choices we made also worked out well. The Paul brakes, the ceramic bearings, the drive train, the wheel set, just added to the quality of the whole bike and made it even better.

I am a better rider on this bike. I feel like I am using my power to better advantage. I even find myself pushing up the pace when some young, aggressive rider tries to go by me. (Just to make him work a little harder to get by this old dude on the “funny” bike!)

And most wonderfully, I am not as tired the next day after a 35 mile ride. I actually rode seven straight days and was sad that that I had to go back to work and could not ride another seven.

The best compliment I can give: This bike eats miles! Thank you all again for building me my dream bike.

We’d like to thank John for his kind words. Stories like his are not difficult for us to come across though, so if anyone else out there has a testimonial that they’d like to have shared on this blog, just email it to us.