Thursday, April 16, 2009


Through our message board and via email, many of our riders have been asking for a more timely and more frequently updated source of information. Well, THE EASY RACERS BLOG is finally here!
We'll be updating this page regularly as soon as our new main website is finished. This will be the place to come for closer looks at our latest custom builds, in-depth information on our newest products and offerings, and our thoughts on things we've encountered in the sometimes unusual, but always fascinating, world of a recumbent bicycle factory.
We'll also be putting used bikes and bikes that are on consignment up on THE EASY RACERS BLOG. In fact, the next few entries will be just that as we clear off our showroom floor in preparation for what's sure to be an interesting summer.
If you have questions about anything you see here
we hope that you'll contact us and ask away.
We want to communicate and share ideas with everyone we can who rides and is passionate about bicycles (even if it's not one of ours, and even if it's not a recumbent). Easy Racers, Inc. continues to grow to this day and THE EASY RACERS BLOG is a brand new facet of our community that we can't wait to explore! Bookmark or follow us today, this is going to be fun!