Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick Release Seat Slide

Here is a closer look at the new quick release seat slide system that you may have seen on some of our latest builds:

Using this seat base mounting system, not only is maximum to-and-fro movement on the frame possible, but the pitch of the seat base is easily adjustable as well.

The two bolts directly beneath the seat plate can be loosened and the rider can raise or lower the nose of the seat to whatever position they feel most comfortable with.

The aluminum slide ensures the clamp gets a tight grip on a galling surface (it won't slide no matter how hard you push), while the guide track keeps seat alignment perfectly straight. Primary adjustments to seat base placement can be made instantly with the one-touch quick release lever.

It took exactly 32 seconds for our mechanic to completely remove the seat immediately before I took this picture. Taking the seat off for transport, travel, or maintenance is simply a cinch with the slide system. Just turning the quick release lever until the skewer slides out allows for removal of the clamp from the frame completely.

We know what some of you are thinking. This clamp was developed, and is manufactured by Rans. Their company has been further developing the practicality of the recumbent bicycle nearly as long as Easy Racers has. They've patented a great design here with their current clamp system, and we're happy to be able to offer it on our hand crafted machines. The quick release seat slide is available now on all new Ti-Rush, C-Rush, and coupled frame Easy Racers.

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